About Adite


Adite is an internationally known Tarot reader and Life coach who has got very popular with her huge client base across borders. Born and brought up in a Brahmin family and daughter of a renowned astrologer Jyotishacharya Dr. Suman Sharma, it can rightly be said that she has been in an esoteric environment since always. She used to have visions from a very young age and her intuitive nature made her an advisor at the age of 15 when she did not even know how she knew the answers which she received.

She has been working on Oranum, the #1 psychic website in the world for many years where she has given more than 11000 readings on this site alone and has been in the top 3 psychics there. Adite has also conducted countless readings personally. Her unconventional ways of readings and humble yet inspiring approach gets her immense loyalty from her clients.

Do you have questions like:

If he/she loves you? 
How they feel for you right now?
If he/she is right for you?
If your ex will return back to you?
Will you get a better job?
If this is the right career for you?
This way or that?
Family matters, legal issues etc

about us yes or no

Get to know all the answers to the questions that confuse you or put you down and get the right motivation you need for a better tomorrow!